Information about Usenet hierarchies

If you know a hierarchy which is not listed in these pages or if you have more up-to-date information about an existing hierarchy, please send a mail to or post to news.admin.hierarchies so that these pages can be updated.

A text-only version of that page can also be retrieved for a control.conf access file, PGP keys and a checkgroups. Full files are also available.

Hierarchy RPI

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You can display information about up to 30 hierarchies in the row by loading a web page of the form:,humanities,misc,news,rec,sci,soc,talk.html (example for the Big 8).

Information in these pages comes from INN's control.ctl, newsgroups file, the list of PGP public keys for newsgroup administration and the logs of control messages.
Those external data are used to generate this web site. To report an issue about the generation, please use the issue tracker on GitHub or post to news.admin.hierarchies.
You might also want to read the Usenet hierarchy administration FAQ.